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A usual day, was just sitting on the back side of my car as my brother was driving. I was a little bit tensed as I haven’t got any of my best moments since a week. But finally the moment my heart captured today was worth all the wait of 7 days. We were just crossing by a signal at Kandivali and the signal was out of order. Suddenly a car crossing by the central part of the junction stopped. Each of the surrounding vehicles started banging their horns so hard that it broke my dilemma of semi-day-dreaming as I was partly conscious and partly into dreams. An old man stepped out of the driving side. He lifted up the bonnet of the car and a pressure of gas was released into the air. This showed that there was some sort of problem in the machinery stuff. The surrounding still full of noisy climate with different types of horns creating a music band or some sort of DJ played. Few moments were turned into minutes. Now, everyone stuck due to this very problem of the Senior Citizen. Few jumped out of their car shields, few removing helmets, everyone just shouting with high throats, some abusing, some creating every possible type of other nuisance. Every individual was doing everything to let the Old Man down. But not a single individual including me, who call themselves as citizens rather we can sound it as PROUD CITIZENS, stepped forward willingly to help the Old Man just by giving the car a push and let it out of the main road. The Old Man was clueless and might have questioned himself, Am I really into the country which is famous for its HOSPITALITY, HUMANITY and many more examples of HUMANS FOR HUMANS??? Am I really an INDIAN of the country called INDIA???

And the next moment as if answering the questions which I thought the Old Man was feeling in his deep inserted thoughts, a guy appeared. He was not like all of us present over there. He was definitely above all the beings present there as he was not just a BEING he was a ‘HUMAN BEING’. A ‘HUMAN BEING’ who was unable to walk because of his crippled legs, for which he used support of a 3-wheel cart to move. But the HEART which he carried was more valuable than the 200-300 pair of legs present over there. He arrived near the car making some way for his cart through the hoard of traffic gathered at the spot. And suddenly a sound came as if ROAR of a TIGER the king of the JUNGLEEE “Uncle Ji! Tension mat lijiye idhaar aiyee apan dono dhakka maar kar car ko side mai laga dete hai” (don’t worry uncle, come we both would just push out the car to the sideways). And this statement really claiming like a roar. And every of the other creature in this concrete jungle suddenly stopped murmuring and banging their horns. And a hoard of people who were just claiming faults on the very CITIZEN came forward and it just took 15 seconds to get the car out of the way. The guy obviously was unable to push the car as his hands didn’t reached due to his 3-wheel cart. But he proved something “Sometimes the work done by not even doing it, is regarded as the BEST WORK DONE”. Every other person who was unable to help the old man joined their hands for the Guy. The whole region was aesthetically brought to stand still, as if there was some sort of movie running. The Guy was centered with every eyes rolling on to him.

This was definitely the #bestmoment but it became something more for me when the next incident took place


The Old Man came back and removed 100 bucks from his wallet and he let his hand forward towards the Guy.

With a smile on his face his next word just engraved my mind-

“Are Uncle Ji Paisa nahi chaiye, sirf ashirwad dena ki apni yeh CAR bhi jiss din bandh padd jaye, toh koi apne ko bhi dhakka den eke liye aa jayee”(I don’t want the money. I just need your blessings that if in future somewhere my car too stops at middle of nowhere then there would be someone to give me a push too)


The #part1 consists of 619 words and #part2 comprises mere 97 words but this 97 words are really priceless for me. We Indians need to be INDIANS by heart and now just by our words. I am guilty for not Being Indian, but I know I won’t repeat it.

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Another story waiting…

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its not about HINDU or MUSLIM. Its about ‪#‎being MuMbAiKaR.

# Best moment of 20th October 2014
Learnt something today- its not about Hindu or Muslim. Its about ‪#‎being‬MuMbAiKaR.
‪#‎part‬ 1 + #part 2
Was just walking outside Indraprasth Borivali after some Diwali shopping. The area fully loaded with bunch of crowds all gathered to avail the grand shopping season benefits. It is like winning a war to catch a rickshaw from that area. In all this flip n flaws I got a glance of a man his grey hairs n beards told about his overgrown age. The attire he wore stated that he was a security service man, basically a watch man as we all call them. He was just rushing behind a Bus with n number of polythene in his hand. Suddenly a slip n ‘bang’. He just bumped into a motorcycle. He wasn’t hurt but the things he carried just rolled down on the streets. It consisted rangoli colors, Dia’s some broken some crushed,
To be continued…
#part 2
Some sweets scattered all over the road and few crackers, sparkles left with no use…
The bike which crashed just ran away from the spot. The old man sat clueless as if the fraction of seconds just changed his hours of happiness into sadness. No 1 came in front to help that man get up. Finally a couple over a bike stopped the lady was in her hijab (burkha) which signified that they were Muslims. The man ran towards the nearby medical shop to buy some medication. While the Lady gathered the left things which can be used and helped the old man to get up. Both of them not only helped him at that situation but also helped him buy again the broken things. The old man just had a single tear rolled out of his eye and the couple gave them a triplet-hug. Every 1 nearby were like standing still clueless. Just with 1 question in every eyes without a word uttered…
Are we really celebrating Diwali???
The couple then said him “are uncle Diwali Mubarak” and helped him to board the bus to his destination.
I thought like just taking an autograph of that couple but I at the same time I felt ashamed of my own self. That why it wasn’t me who helped that old man? That why we humans always need an example to follow? Why can’t we do things what our heart feel is right?
But its not the only man’s story, we need to help so that every house celebrates Diwali…
So that every face has a smile which it deserves…
So that there are no homes left without lightings

apologies for making you’ll wait so long

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